Dean Collins was a lighting guru in the 1980s. He shot on film (since digital didn’t exist yet) and although the post processing styles are different from today, his lighting style is timeless and amazing. He was big on scrims and bouncing light, which is something that most people these days seem to disregard in favor of expensive softboxes and light modifiers. I’ve seen all of his “best of Dean Collins” videos, and they’re well worth the money if you want to improve your lighting game on the cheap.

He also put out this “Dean Collins Tinker Tubes” book, which is pages and pages of how to build different types of lighting modifiers using nylon fabric and pvc pipes. I’ve built a few of these, and they are really helpful, especially if you need to modify a natural light situation into a lighting situation you can use. I’m going to make a video at some point demonstrating some of my Dean Collins inspired creations and techniques. Think about it. Instead of buying expensive flashes, radio triggers and light modifiers — buy some ripstop nylon, a bit of pvc and a few shop lights. instant giant softbox. A great way to learn lighting on the cheap. Highly recommended.

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