Tim Lewis Photography Eugene Oregon Color Blur Strobe Flash Motion

I’m a big fan of Oleg Ti, and one of the things that he likes to do is bring a sort of impressionistic feel into his pictures by mixing strobe and continuous light sources, giving a sort of murky feel to the finished image. Like in this one by him:

copyright Oleg Ti

copyright Oleg Ti

I wanted to experiment with that technique, but didn’t have access to beautiful models, so I had to use someone a bit more humble in the looks department (myself).

Still, I got some interesting looks out of it. The biggest obstacle that I found in the setup is that my modeling light is a very warm incandescent bulb, and my flash pours out clean daylight balanced light (Much cooler than the modeling bulb). So there’s two different colors of light coming from almost the same place. I solved this by introducing a lot of blue tones in my post processing, and pulling the orange/yellow tones down quite a lot.

It’s a fun technique to play with. Gets you a bit of a jittery feel to the finished picture, which I quite like.