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Had a great shoot with Marie before she left for Berlin last week. We wanted to get something that was unexpected and a bit chaotic, so we did some lightpaint-shutter-dragging mixed with strobe. The key to getting a shot like this one is light control. You have to control where the flash is going to hit (for the sharp parts of the image) and control where the continuous light will hit (for the lightpainting sparkle bits). Once you’ve set up these two zones it’s a simple matter of moving the camera to get the sparkles the way you want, and then just do it over and over again.

Tim Lewis Photography Model Eugene Oregon Marie Newell Concept Shoot

Detail of Dress Lightpainting

I wanted even more sparkles than I was getting from one picture, so I wound up layering in multiple pictures for the dress. You can do this in camera if your camera has a double-exposure setting. I went ahead and did it in Photoshop, since it gave me more control over the final image (confessions of a control freak).

Tim Lewis Photography Model Eugene Oregon Marie Newell Concept Shoot

Shot without shutter-dragging

This last picture was taken while I was getting everything set up… I was still at 1/200th of a second exposure, and the flash didn’t fire, so this is just the continuous lights with the modeling lamp from my beauty dish. It was crazy underexposed, but I was able to brighten it up in camera raw, and liked the feel it had nonetheless.