I was looking at a photographer’s portfolio the other day, and I came across a page where the photographer had paired up two images that went together. I think it was a close up of a model’s hair, and a shot of some trees. So the hair was messy and kinda had the same shape as the trees a little bit… you’ve probably seen that kind of thing before. Two images that kinda sorta go together because they both have blue in them, or they both are a little bit about loneliness or some other common theme.

Anyways, seeing that made me think of shooting images with the intention of pairing them up. And my first thought was this sketch. Shoot a model in profile against a simple background, and then use that image to arrange environmental elements into the same shape, leaving the space where the model’s head was empty. ┬áPut the two images together and you wind up with a piece about how when someone goes away there is almost an empty space where they were before. Something is missing from the frame, even though it’s not obvious at first what it is.

It’s a decent idea, I’ll probably put it together sometime this summer. So look forward to that.