I really enjoyed this video by Aaron from PHLearn. It reminded me a lot of this book I’ve been slowly reading, “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. In the book Sinek talks about how any time you’re trying to do something, you should always start by asking yourself why you’re doing it. It can be a very illuminating question, and can keep you on track as you make decisions throughout your process.

One of the traps that most people fall into when they’re trying to do something is they just do what they usually do. I know I fall into this particular trap all the time. It’s very seductive, since it’s very predictable. But what about when you’re wanting to get results that are wildly different from your usual results? The methods you always use suddenly are no longer relevant.

What Aaron here is saying is that same question, but flipped around. By asking yourself what it is you like about a particular photo or artwork you can start to learn a bit more about yourself, and eventually have those elements you like pop up in your own photos and artworks. It’s a backwards look at the same process…. and by asking yourself “Why do I like this?” you can start to learn about what in particular inspires you. Then you can go put those things into your own pictures.

What are some of your favorite pictures, and what do you like about them?

PHLearn looks at a Dave Hill image and asks "Why?"

PHLearn looks at a Dave Hill image and asks “Why?”