Tim Lewis Photography Portrait Eugene Oregon

copyright 2015 all rights reserved Tim Lewis Photography

This was the very first setup I ran at the beginning of the photoshoot. Usually I’ll start with my simplest setup at the beginning, and plan on getting more complicated as I go on. This way at the beginning of the shoot I’m focused on the model, on their comfort and helping them to understand what I’m looking for, the rhythm of my shooting, and just helping them get comfortable as quickly as I can. So I don’t usually expect much from my first images. This photoshoot though, Savvy was perfect right off the bat. This image really jumped out at me as I was going through the raw files after the shoot. It has a sort of a nightmarish 80s edgy look to it, her silver hair picking up my blue light, the jacket looking awesome, and Savvy’s expression was just perfect for the whole look.

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