Thinking Inside the Box — Small Product Photography the Easy Way

This is video from a speech I gave the other day talking about a quick and easy way to shoot small products for sale on Ebay or Craigslist.



Take an ordinary box and cut big rectangular holes in two opposite sides, and in the top.

Remove one side completely.

Insert a thin piece of white posterboard into the box, forming a smooth curve from floor to background…..

Cover your big rectangular holes with tracing paper.

Now you have a tiny studio that you can use to take studio quality pictures of small products in.

Let me show you a few different possibilities for lighting up this magnificent (and expensive) device.




Picture taken during speech



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  1. Jon Davies

    Great presentation Tim and excellent and doable ideas to improve one’s photography! I could not believe the quality of the pictures taken in a simple cardboard box and a couple of lights jon

    • Hey, Thanks Jon! It was great to share the “Box” idea with everyone, I’m so glad that everyone seemed to like it. I love DIY type photography stuff, it’s kind of a thrill to get great results from really inexpensive tools. Take care!

  2. Shirley Gauthier

    Tim…this is one of my favorite posts. I buy/sell/and post on Craigslist. This information will no doubt help me increase sales! Your style of teaching is clear and understandable for a person like myself who still feels intimidated by my simple $100 camera.

    I love your photography work but believe you are equally skilled and talented as a teacher. Should you decided to teach classes sign me up!

    Shirley Gauthier

    • Hey, Thanks Shirley! I’m glad you liked the speech and post, and thank you so much for your feedback and evaluation today. Your comments were insightful and helpful, and I think will help me shape this presentation into a more effective speech/training. If you have any questions about building a “Box” of your own, let me know, I’d love to help!

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