That’s what they tell you, right? The camera manufacturers?

And I guess it depends. If your camera is doing all the work, then yeah – maybe a newer camera will do the work better for you.

I personally have my camera in manual mode 90% of the time. My camera is doing nothing but taking the exposure I tell it to take. My brain is doing the heavy lifting… figuring out what results I want from the tool, and then adjusting the settings accordingly.

So having a more expensive camera with a better computer chip to determine the optimum exposure for me wouldn’t give me any better results.

To my way of thinking, having better light and better light control is what gives better image results, not how much detail my camera can capture, or how many pixels are in my final image.

These days I’m almost actively trying to reduce the amount of detail in a shot. I’m smearing vaseline and spraying hairspray on lens filters, I’m shooting through tracing paper and nylons, I’m doing everything I can to make my pictures look different than the results you get from a camera set on autopilot.

Copyright * All Rights Reserved Tim Lewis Photography

Copyright * All Rights Reserved Tim Lewis Photography

I think as cameras get better and better at taking pictures for you, that’s going to be the real question a photographer has to solve…. how can I make my pictures look different from everyone else’s?

Will having a better hammer make me a better carpenter?

Will having a better camera make me a better photographer?

Hat tip to DIYPhotography for the idea.

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