This is an old idea that I had, I was looking at some pictures of cars and I realized that a lot of the same lighting techniques and approaches are used when photographers shoot nude women as when they shoot cars…. there’s an emphasis on line and curve, form and lustre…. so I was thinking it would be interesting to shoot a nude-ish picture of a woman who is being prepped the same way a car would be…. skin being polished, a buffer shining up this area or that…. to kind of connect the dots between woman as object and car as object. I see a lot of that kind of thing…. take the techniques that are usually applied to this kind of image, and then apply it to that kind of image. So you get nude as landscape, or body as product (very common), there’s a lot of that kind of cross pollination in photography. It would be even more interesting to go the other way…. shoot a landscape the way you would a portrait (gonna need a really big beauty dish for this one) or shoot architecture like a car. There’s a lot of possibilities there. A lot of conceptual things to consider. Keeps things fun.